Harnessing industry intelligence and technical expertise to steer our clients through demanding financial regulations


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The MBE risk management team applies a range of actuarial skills to assist Life Insurance companies, Friendly Societies, Asset Managers and other clients in the financial services sector to optimise their risk management frameworks, in order to maximise value and comply with regulatory requirements.

We have in-depth experience in a range of practice areas, and, by combining our technical skills with our focus on process improvement, we always try to implement solutions which make the best use of actuarial and other resources in risk-management teams.

By staying on the forefront of technological developments in the risk management and modelling world, we are able to develop and implement software solutions which deliver more accurate results, reduce employee overtime, and cut costs in the long term.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Simplification and redesign of actuarial valuation processes

  • Implementation of industry regulation (such as Solvency II and IFRS 17)

  • Design and implementation of risk management tools, databases and modelling software

  • Technical assistance in capital requirement calculation and other financial reporting metrics


“Coherent risk management plays an increasingly vital role in the operations of financial services companies, and through our international experience and in-depth industry awareness, MBE is able to add real and lasting value.”
Andries Beukes, MBE Director

MBE is the developer and distributor of TRANSKAP, an end-to-end risk management system, which utilises up to date look-through asset data to help businesses make ERM decisions.