Bridging the Solvency II reporting gap between asset managers and insurers

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Solvency Capital Fund Tool

What is SCoRe?

Discover the new Solvency Capital Fund Tool, developed by Muller Beukes Edvardsen, providing the end user with the ability to quickly and efficiently calculate the Solvency Capital Requirement for a selected fund. The dashboard displays a number of elements including:

Diversified and undiversified fund market SCRs 
Market risk SCR by asset category
Fund asset versus capital allocations
Top 10 asset SCR %


Features and Benefits

The capabilities of SCoRe can benefit not only asset managers, but also insurance companies looking to understand the impact of specific investments on their overall solvency capital calculations. SCoRe gives a glimpse into the world of TRANSKAP, MBE’s risk and data management system, and illustrates the powerful data engine as well as the available calculation capabilities. The benefits include:

Multiple data source integration, including data vendors and fund managers
Fund look-through
Solvency II Standard Formula Calculations
QRT and Tripartite format output
Full actuarial validation



Data vendor Integration

Pricing, terms & conditions and credit ratings. We are able to use your existing data licences, and MBE’s data vendor adaptors to make the integration of multiple data sources as seamless as possible.

Fund Look-through
Utilising fund data sources, MBE are able to provide a full and comprehensive view of your funds, with assets supplemented with terms & conditions data for and SCR calculation purposes.

Integration with Fund Managers
As with the data vendors, MBE are able to integrate data from multiple sources including directly from your fund managers.

Standard Formula Asset Model
As required by EIOPA.

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Support for direct holdings

MBE are able to provide custom support for the import and integration of your direct holdings in order to combine with the consolidated delivery requirements.


Ability to both ingest but also export data in the latest Tripartite Template (TPT) format, in both CSV or XML.

Data Normalisation

Once the data has been imported from multiple sources, there is a requirement for data validation, gap analysis and mapping, resulting in complex data transformations.


Ability to in integrate with your XBRL tool of choice, and MBE currently have numerous partnerships in this area.


Solvency II asset reporting solution

Provide MBE with your list of funds and direct holdings, and we will calculate full Market Risk SCR numbers. These can then be used to complete the Tripartite Template (TPT) for your insurance clients. 

Asset manager benefits

MBE is able to assist with turning Solvency II reporting into an opportunity to demonstrate to existing and potential clients your full capabilities within the insurance investment space.  

Actuarial benefits

MBE allows you to concentrate on those areas of Solvency II where the actuary is most effective, and leave areas such as data integration & management, fund look-through and data cleansing to SCoRe and TRANSKAP