Bridging the business and technology divide by combining in-depth industry knowledge with innovative, practical solutions


Utilise technology to improve business operations

Our IT Solutions team is passionate about harnessing technology to automate and improve business operations. Our in-depth knowledge of the financial services industry and its associated regulations has led us to develop cutting-edge tools and systems that have solved our clients' problems and empowered them to deliver higher quality results within shorter timescales.

Our expertise includes:

  • Tactical application and tool development

  • Business intelligence solutions design and implementation

  • Document management solutions sourcing and implementation

  • System integration design, development and implementation

Whether we are implementing new applications and strategies or optimising existing systems to meet our clients' evolving needs, our technology solutions are designed to enable users to take control of their workflow and offer them flexibility going forward.

Our successfully delivered projects include:

  • Modelling assumptions and results database development and implementation

  • Development and validation of spreadsheet reporting frameworks

  • Development of automated capital and risk monitoring and projection solution

  • Automation of data manipulation and adjustment

  • Full regulatory validation support

  • Rules for complete regulatory maintenance


“MBE not only provides the practical tools clients need to succeed in the present, we also deliver the advice and support to adapt to change going forward.”
Christo Müller, MBE Director

MBE is the developer and distributor of TRANSKAP, an end-to-end risk management system, which utilises up to date look-through asset data to help businesses make ERM decisions.