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Continuous Improvement Foundations

Do you always find yourself facing the same operational issues, fixing the same errors, struggling to balance resource and demand or just wanting to improve things, but unsure of where to start? 

MBE is proud to offer a comprehensive introduction to continuous improvement and lean thinking.


Introduction to Continuous Improvement & Lean Thinking

Learn how to eliminate waste and improve efficiency in your daily work with our one day awareness session or the full three day service-focused training package.

Each course comprises individual, team and group discussions and activities designed to guide you through the fundamentals of continuous improvement and lean thinking.

Please see below for further information on the course offerings, or click here for the Continuous Improvement Foundations flyer.



Continuous Improvement: Awareness

Delivered on-site by an experienced consultant and trainer, this course is suitable for employees at all levels with no prior experience necessary.

Course length:                   1 day

Places:                                6 - 10 delegates per session


-  Provide an overview of how continuous improvement methodologies have developed to become what they are today.
-  Introduce the five key Lean principles.
-  Identify and explain the seven wastes.
-  Present simple tools and concepts for continuous improvement.
-  Show where the principles, tools and techniques could make a difference in your business.

Course cost:­                       £298 + VAT per delegate



Continuous Improvement: Practitioner

Delivered on-site by an experienced consultant and trainer, this course explores in greater detail key tools, techniques and their successful application in the workplace. The course is aimed at those involved in change, particularly subject matter experts, team leaders and management.

Course length:                   3 days (includes Day 1, Continuous Improvement: Awareness)

Places:                                8 - 12 delegates per session


-  Understanding Customer Value
-  Performance Measurement
-  Capacity Planning
-  Visual Management
-  Process Mapping
-  Value and Failure Demand
-  Service Quality and Sustainability
-  Team Based Problem Solving
-  Standardisation
-  Operational Management
-  Current and Future State Mapping

Course cost­:                       £798 + VAT per delegate



Course Booking

To book, please contact MBE with your details and requirements at training@mbe-intl.com. Please note that bookings will only be confirmed upon payment of the course fees.

“The first step towards change is awareness. The second step is acceptance”

- Nathaniel Branden, US/Canadian psychologist (1930-2014)